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The quality leap you deserve is here,
and it´s all in one box

Welcome to the new era of video conferencing

Quick & easy

No technological skills required

Plug & Play

Only one wire & get connected

Micro control

Go up, go down & cancel

No ambient noise

Connect from anywhere & get isolated instantly

Boost the sound

Add an external speaker


Small & easy to be used everywhere

2K ultrawide camera

High resolution & manual focus

Free mobility

Move around & keep online

LMS software

Keep the control of your class


Works with main conference applications

Switch camera

With just one click

No echo & no interference

High quality sound anywhere

citb by founder Pablo Márquez

Feel the 4 Effects


High-resolution ultrawide camera (2K), one-click camera switching, forget the static and uncomfortable close-up.


Completely cancel ambient noise, no echo, no interference. Sound control from the microphone.


Quick & easy set up, Plug and play. A single cable to power everything.


Portable, free mobility. Keep communicating as you always have.

What they think about ClassInTheBox

ClassInTheBox is a revolution in the world of video conferencing. This is what some of our customers say after using it in an educational environment.

Javier Iglesias Mohedano

Javier Iglesias Mohedano

TIC - Vedruna Carabanchel

“New times with old problems: technology and education.

Solution: ClassInTheBox for today’s challenges in education with simultaneous face-to-face and online teaching.”

Eduardo Ruiz

Eduardo Ruiz

TIC - Nuestra Señora del Carmen - San Fernando

ClassInTheBox opens up a previously inconceivable range of possibilities for teachers”.

Adrián Feria Madueño

Adrián Feria Madueño

FP Teacher - Santa Joaquina - Sevilla

“Today’s technology for our professionals of tomorrow in Vedruna FP.”

José Antonio Ortega

José Antonio Ortega

Director - Sagrada Familia - Sevilla

“With ClassInTheBox‘s social technology, education expands and learning happens anytime and anywhere.”

Mar Núñez Arroyo

Mar Núñez Arroyo

TIC - Nuestra Señora del Carmen - Villafranca de los Barros

ClassInTheBox bridges the gap between different learning paces and the diversity of learners.”

Ismael El Shafi

Ismael El Shafi

TIC - Virgen del Carmen - Toledo

“If someone is empowered to do something, they have the authority or power to do it. ClassInTheBox gives you that power in the classroom”.


ClassInTheBox is being awarded nationally and internationally for its innovative integration and advantages in videoconferencing. Prestigious organisations have decided to award us and value us as an innovative product that makes the difference, compared to the big branded professional systems that are bulky, static and expensive.

If you can use a product to give a lecture in an assembly hall, then give a class in a lecture hall and finally hold a meeting in your living room the same day, it means that you have reached the new era of video conferencing because you have citb in your pocket.

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