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Introducing ClassInTheBox

The new all-in-one teaching device to


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Awards and nominations



To record everything



Online / hybrid

• Save your trainings so that your students can consult them whenever and as many times as they want. • The advanced ambient noise cancellation system allows you to teach under any circumstances. • Amplify your voice through the classroom audio system. • Move freely up to a radius of 20 m.



Offline training

• High-definition multi-camera system to display multiple scenes. • High quality audio, without interference. • Upload your videos to the cloud and share them easily.



So far, so close

• Take control of your non face-to-face meetings. • Get out of your chair and put an end to boring camera shots. • Engage your learners and share with an enriched environment.



Teleworking as a team

• It manages to break the barriers of distance. • Record and preserve ideas and projects. • Involve your team. • Keep working together and review as needed.


Video tutorials

High quality audio

• Produces high quality audio. • Record anywhere and under any circumstances. • Use multiple devices if necessary. • Edit in real time by marking points of interest.

What is "Pintaguear"

Pintaguear consists of enriching the videos with pins and tags, to add, explain, summarize, attach, etc, information that we consider important.

Add pins

…is like putting marks on the video. Point out key concepts, or use them as an index. Expand the information by providing a url link...

Set tags

is like highlighting a video. They are segments (with beginning and end) with the parts, most important ideas, causes, consequences, reasons...

Infinite possibilities for


Inclusive classes

Integrates in the same classroom
and online students in the same class. Attend to diversity by recording your classes and reinforce concepts.

Show all you want

Use any element you need
with high quality image and sound. Use several cameras at the same time.

Anywhere and anytime

Its small size, ease of use and advanced ambient noise canceling microphone allow you to work wherever, when and as much as you want.

Classes always perfect

Advanced ambient noise cancellation, high resolution image, dynamism with camera switching, multiple microphones, record without editing and get flawless results.

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