Free movement

With the wireless microphone you can move around with a perfect sound for your online participants. Up to 10 meters far from Class In The Box. Be free to move in the class, keep your body language while teaching.

Get Isolated

No matter what is happening around you, you can be at home or in a loud environment, our wireless microphone just captures the closest sound & completely cancels ambient noise. Feel free to attend to any conference, any meeting, any masterclass with Class In The Box.

Boost the sound

Allow your students at home to be heard by the rest of the class. Just add an external speaker and whenever you want allow the others at home to speak for themselves. Let them be in the class, not just be a viewer. 

Volume control at one click

Go up, go down or cancel the sound with just one click at your microphone. Easy & simple way to control what you want to be heard.

No echo, No interference

In loud environments or with many other machines and devices working close to you, feel free to use Class In The Box. Your sound quality won’t be affected. Nice & Clear sound always.