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Implementation of the ClassInTheBox LMS

ClassInTheBox LMS is the ideal complement to your CITB. It is a service through the Google Chrome browser. Access a free demo and discover the possibilities that the LMS offers you to manage your classes.

Before using LMS you must install the corresponding extensions in your Google Chrome browser. TEACHERS TOOLS if you are a teacher and STUDENT APP* if you are a student.

* We recommend that students who want to share their screen through the LMS should also install the TEACHER TOOLS extension. 


Click on the button, download the extension and install it in your Chrome browser. This extension provides you with the tools to operate as a teacher in the ClassInTheBox LMS.


Click on the button, download the extension and install it in your Chrome browser. This extension provides you with the tools to operate as a student in the ClassInTheBox LMS.

Virtual classroom in the cloud

CITB LMS is a cloud-based platform that is built to scale. It allows teachers to teach and students to learn remotely, much like the fluency found in the traditional physical classroom.

Accessible from any device

The Class In The Box LMS can be accessed from any device via a web browser. Both teachers and students only have to install the corresponding extensions in the Google Chrome browser to make it fully operational. The licence per teacher includes an unlimited number of students.

Full multimedia connection

Teachers’ and students’ devices can share sound, image and screen for a complete educational experience. Teachers can enable or cancel any of these elements at any time, easily, on any device. Classroom control is total.

Multi language

The CITB LMS is translated into a multitude of languages. Both teachers and students can set up the interface in their native language.


Several cameras can be connected to the system to show different areas of interest. Switching from one to another is easy, just like in a small production studio.

Collaborative work & communication

Integration with Google Docs: The compatibility with Google Docs is total. Both teacher and student can share with the rest of the students any document generated on this platform to work collaboratively.
Group chat: Communication is fluid between the teacher and the group thanks to the chat tool. Everyone can write messages and receive answers from anyone in real time.
Individual messages: If the message requires privacy, communication can also be established individually, out of sight of the rest of the group.

Interactive whiteboard in the cloud

The interactive whiteboard allows the teacher to create content and share it with students in real time. It can include text, images, shapes and freehand drawings. With access control, they can also interact in this environment in real time. The bidirectionality of the tool reinforces collaborative work.

Full control of the student profile

Each student profile is individually controlled by the teacher. You can set up a chat, share the screen, display it in full size, close its tabs, determine the display quality, re-establish the connection and even remove it from the class.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the use of AI, the system can identify the mood of the students. An emoticon clearly shows the teacher the mood of each student.