Your laptop camera & your Class In The Box camera are the perfect combination to show you and the environment. Get the people involved into your moment: a classroom, a home or a company. The closest way to be together.

Switch between cameras

Use the camera button in your Class In The Box device to switch from one camera to another. With red light on, Class In The Box camera is on. With red light off, Class In The Box camera is off. As easy as that. 

Manual Focus

Manual focus allows to fix the camera whenever you want to focus on, no matter what happen that your camera focus won’t move from what you decided. Essential to always keep your image control.


With a resolution that doubles High Resolution, colour is brighter, richer and with higher contrast. Exceptional Quality Image.

Ultra wide

Ultra wide vision angle to show big areas such as the classroom, whiteboard, whatever you want to focus without having to move the camera away.