citb by founder Pablo Márquez

Welcome to the new era of video conferencing.

Feel the 4 FX


High-resolution ultrawide camera (2K), one-click camera switching, forget the static and uncomfortable close-up.


Completely cancel ambient noise, no echo, no interference. Sound control from the microphone.


Quick & easy set up, Plug and play. A single cable to power everything.


Portable, free mobility. Keep communicating as you always have.

Quick & easy setup

Just connect 1 cable to your computer and make your wireless microphone, your ultrawide camera & your class in the box at once!

The only power Class In The Box needs come from your computer, no need to be plugged in the electricity.

Hybrid Environment  Face to face & online attendance

Don’t let the distance be a problem, get connected with everybody face to face and online. Keep your routine at class while you can connect with your students online. No need to choose between them

Free mobility

Don’t stay in your chair while teaching, move around the class, get close to your students. With the ultrawide camera and wireless microphone you don’t need to stay in your chair in front of your laptop. Be free to move while teaching.


Driverless compatibility with all major video conferencing applications. Most used applications such as jitsi, skype, meet, zoom, teams,… and many other works perfectly with Class In The Box. Be free to choose the one like.videoconferencing applications

citb Classroom Management Software

Real-time audio and video control, screen and document sharing, group and individual messaging and cloud-based whiteboard. Keep the control of your class.