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Concentrated power and simplicity

ClassInTheBox is a device designed for the educational sector, it connects easily to the computer, and allows you to teach, thanks to its great versatility, an online / hybrid class, through any of the current existing videoconferencing platforms.

ClassInTheBox allows you to move freely, change mic and system volume, switch cameras with a single click, and cancel ambient noise.

Join the educational revolution: record all your classes with high quality audio and video, paint them, upload them to the cloud, share them with your students and make them infinite. Live, without post-editing and with professional quality.

Manufactured in Spain, its multiple benefits have given it great national and international recognition.

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Surprising features

Small and handy

wherever you go, always carry citb with you.

Easy to use

both for those who love and hate technology.

Ambient noise cancellation

probably the best system on the market.

Record your classes

with high quality audio and video.

Edit on the fly!

“PINTAGUEA” your videos with a few clicks.

Fundamental first steps

Follow these steps to pair the box and the ClassInTheBox microphone

It┬┤s important that you follow the order so that everything goes smoothly.

Charge the microphone

Always keep the microphone sufficiently charged. The green led means "full charge". The red led indicates "charging in process".

Turn on the microphone

Once charged, press the power button for 3 seconds. The led now turns blue, and will start flashing slowly.

Connect to computer

It is time to connect the box to the computer with the USB cable. The blue led on the microphone will change from flashing to steady. Box and microphone are paired.

Connect the camera

Now connect the webcam to the front USB port of the box, and press the button. The red led on the box will light up next to the green one.

Sound preferences

Open the Sound Preferences of your Operating System, and check that the given audio input device is CITB.

Install citbREC extension

Download and install our software for Google Chrome browser. Get ready to access a multitude of possibilities and improvements.


Now you can start your online class with your favorite platform (Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc...) Before starting the session, turn on the citb Extension.

Enrich your class

Activate the modes of use: Camera Switching, Show Mode, Classroom Mode, Duplo Mode and Duplo mini. Interact with your students with control and without limits.

Record it and "pintaguea"

Activate REC Mode and save your lesson to the drive. Share it with your students, and "highlight" your videos with "Pins" and "Tags". Improve as a teacher with ClassInTheBox.