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ClassInTheBox step by step

1. Minimum requirements

Inside the box of your ClassInTheBox you will find a USB Type-C cable with which you will connect the device to one of the USB ports of your computer.


Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions.

Mac OS X

Compatible with Mac OS x Tiger (10.4) and higher.

Chrome OS

Compatible with Chrome OS version 76 and above.


Compatible with Ubuntu version 18 onwards.

ClassInTheBox and videoconferencing platforms

CITB is compatible with the main videoconferencing platforms: Meet, Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc…

2. Operating system (OS) configuration

When you connect ClassInTheBox to your computer, we recommend setting citb as the system’s default audio input. This way, once you start any video conferencing platform, citb will be the default active microphone.

In cases where you need audio to be output through an audio system or speakers, connect them to the ClassInTheBox mini jack output and set citb as the default audio output in the operating system. If you don’t need it that way, set the audio output through your computer’s speakers / headphones.


Mac OS

Chrome OS

3. Start-up

Follow these steps to get your ClassInTheBox up and running and enjoy a unique experience in your classes, meetings and conferences.

Contents of the box

In the box you will find everything you need to connect your CITB

1 ClassInTheBox 

1 wireless microphone  

1 USB C connection cable  

1 microphone charger cable  

1 mini-jack audio cable

Charging the wireless microphone

1. Connect CITB to your computer with the supplied USB C cable. Once you have done so, connect the microphone with the USB charging cable to the front of CITB.

2. Press the button on the front of the CITB. The red LED lights up indicating that the microphone is charging.

3. When the microphone LED changes from red to green, the microphone is fully charged. The autonomy is 7 hours.

4. Pairing microphone and CITB

ClassInTheBox comes paired with the microphone. To make this happen, follow the steps below in order.

a) Turn on the microphone

It is ESSENTIAL to turn ON the microphone BEFORE connecting the CITB device to your computer.

Press the power button for 3 seconds. The blue LED will flash slowly. The microphone searches for a connection to CITB.

b) Connect CITB to the computer

With the microphone turned on, connect ClassInTheBox to the computer using the supplied USB C cable.

c) Checks the serial pairing

When the microphone finds the device’s signal, the blue LED stays on and turns off. Now microphone and CITB are paired.

To turn off the microphone, press the power button again for 3 seconds. The blue LED will turn off.

d) Basic solution to pairing problems

You can check if the microphone fails to pair with CITB because the blue LED keeps blinking. In this case, disconnect ClassInTheBox from the computer, turn off the microphone and repeat the process in the order indicated from step 4.

e) Forcing the pairing manually

If after repeating the process in order, the microphone still does not pair with CITB, you have to proceed to force pairing manually. Unplug ClassInTheBox from the computer and turn off the wireless microphone and follow the sequence of steps below.

Turn on the microphone by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. The blue led will start blinking.

Press and hold the MUTE button on the microphone for 3 seconds. The blue LED will blink faster looking for the connection to the CITB receiver.

CITB to the computer. When the microphone finds CITB, the blue LED will stay on and then turn off.

Main videoconferencing Platforms

*VERY IMPORTANT! Connect ClassInTheBox to your computer with the CITB cam connected to the USB port and press the button on the box (red led) before entering your favorite video conferencing platform. This way, the videoconferencing platform will recognize the CITB cam as default, and you will be able to switch cameras.

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