Using headphones is the best way to go deaf

May 24, 2021

OMS warns that the use of headphones can cause deafness in more than 1 billion people

Could we have worn headphones? Of course we could have. But we cared about you and that’s why we created ClassInTheBox, we looked at your needs and we improve your day and the day of those around you: use ClassInTheBox anytime, anywhere.

We don’t want you to lose all attention to your surroundings; for your health, for your environment and for what may happen, don’t isolate yourself completely.

If you are giving a training, an online class or in a meeting, use ClassInTheBox to take control of your environment. Mute what others hear and have fun changing your image with their unique system, but don’t use headphones if you can’t control the environment:

• Don’t use headphones if you can’t control and protect your surroundings.

• Don’t damage your hearing if you can hear perfectly well without headphones.

• Don’t falsely isolate yourself, because with headphones you are the only one who can’t hear your surroundings, but those online can.

The new era of video conferencing has arrived and with ClassInTheBox, you’re in.

Enjoy your senses and let us isolate the world for you, while you stay in it.