Try the new ClassInTheBox extension

October 17, 2021

Thanks to this new access you will be able to use two cameras with Google Meet

From ClassInTheBox we have created a new extension that improves in an outstanding and unique way the needs of our customers when using CITB.

Due to the numerous updates that Google had incorporated in Chrome OS, the CITB button to switch cameras could cause some problem when using this feature and only on Chromebook computers within the Meet application.

Thanks to the rapid development of this extension the camera switching on Chromebook, PC or Mac computers and when using Meet is now a unique reality with the ClassInTheBox extension and comes to meet the needs of customers who used this feature with CITB which helps when using two cameras in video conferencing.

If you want to install this extension on your computer follow these steps:

1º – Download the ClassInTheBox extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2º – Install the extension.

3º – Open a new Meet session and open the options.

4º – Once opened, confirm that the power (green) and camera (red) LEDs are illuminated, as using the extension will be like passing the use buttons to your computer screen.

5º – Start the videoconference and enjoy all the advantages.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to discover the Show mode in all its splendor so that all connected computers can receive the audio of a remote interlocutor. Also, thanks to the classroom mode, any of the students who are physically present or in another location can ask a question and all the attendees will be able to listen to it through their equipment.

In addition, you can use the camera switch to switch from the computer camera to the CITB cam with one click and much faster.

These improvements make CITB the only product that when using Google Meet you can use two cameras to enrich your sessions.

A remarkable improvement that makes CITB improve its performance.