Schools rely on citb to develop Google Reference School project

October 19, 2021

In Villafranca de los Barros they use ClassInTheBox to teach and record all classes

At the Nuestra Señora del Carmen school in Villafranca de los Barros in Badajoz, Spain, they were faced with a new scenario, almost like the rest of the schools during the pandemic. 

It was a question of being able to combine face-to-face classes with online classes, a situation that, although not new, has sometimes presented some technical complexity at the time of connection.  

This educational center is included in the list of Google Reference Schools, an international project where they collaborate for the digital transformation of classrooms. This certification guarantees the incorporation of digital tools in the school’s pedagogical project as well as in its processes.    

On this occasion CITB has been a key help in the incorporation of this prestigious international project. The school’s management learned about a device that could take the class to another level, a small box that was connected to the computer and helped the teacher to teach their classes, record them and have all students aware of the lesson that was being taught. This device was born quickly, it was necessary to provide solutions to schools so that they could continue with their classes.  

Pablo Márquez CEO of Aotech saw the opportunity to help a sector that cannot stop and that is key to progress: education.  

 In his own home he saw some of the difficulties that existed when conducting an online class, difficulty in the connection, cables that limited the action of the educator, background noises that were incorporated into the class. Thus ClassInTheBox was born, a device that helped in all these facets.  

 The first thing they found in the school of Villafranca de los Barros was that they hardly needed knowledge of microcomputers to make connections that greatly facilitated the task of starting classes the click & start was a starting point that liked and much to teachers in the words of the director of the center Isabel Gragera.

Then the freedom of movement that leaves all teachers is very important, being able to get up, approach the board with a single click is one of the strengths of ClassInTheBox. 

But the advantages are not limited to these aspects, besides being able to record classes to have a repository of everything taught adds another necessary aspect when incorporating recorded images to the work that requires it. A clear differentiating element that students have at their disposal when it comes to improving their work and that makes CITB the perfect ally.  

Secondary school teachers have noticed a great help in this whole process.

Now CITB is not only the perfect help for the projects and work of this school, but it is also the cornerstone on which the teachers of this school that participates in the Google Reference School program rely on.