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Our commitment

Protecting the privacy of our users and customers is an essential priority for us. Therefore, we want to share our commitments with you:

  • ClassInTheBox complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.
  • We are committed to being transparent at all times about the use we make of users’ personal data.
  • We do not process personal data of minors for any commercial purposes.
  • We only process personal data that is strictly necessary for the use of the application.
  • Minors under the age of fourteen can only use the application through their educational center or teacher.
  • We apply the privacy by design principle to all our features.
  • We do not share the collected data with third parties.
  • For the use of the platform by an educational center or an educational professional, a contract for access to personal data is signed, providing all the necessary guarantees.

We guarantee the privacy of our users by applying all necessary technical security measures and storing information on reputable platforms within the European Union. These platforms have certifications that demonstrate their compliance with the most rigorous security regulations.


Frequently Asked Questions:


I’m a teacher and I want to use the application. What should I do?

If you want to use the platform to teach classes, please note that, according to data protection regulations, you assume the role of data controller, while ClassInTheBox acts as the data processor. As a platform that fully complies with data protection regulations, we want to offer you all the guarantees so that you can use it in your educational center or in your professional work. To do so, write to us at privacy@classinthebox.com and request a data processing addendum or data access contract, as established by law.


I’m a parent, and my child’s educational center wants to use this tool, is it safe?

You can trust our tool. We only process the strictly necessary data under the coordination of the educational center or teacher, who design the educational activities in which the students’ data is processed. This data includes institutional email, images, and voice (if the activity requires students to record themselves with their devices), and the data that students provide in the “pintagged videos” uploaded by the teacher. The center has control over the institutional user accounts and can manage the resources uploaded and used on the platform at any time.


Can children under the age of fourteen use the application?

Yes, as long as they have been invited by a teacher and use an institutional email account provided and managed by the educational center. To register on the platform and use it independently of the academic center, the user must be over 14 years old.


And what about users over fourteen years old?

Users over fourteen years old can use the platform by being invited by their teacher or academic center, using the institutional email account, or registering on the platform independently if they wish to use it as a study tool.


If I’m a teacher, who owns the content?

If you are a teacher and use your institutional email account, both your user account and the content generated with it belong to the center where you work, and therefore, you can only use it if the center authorizes it.

On the other hand, if you are an independent user of an educational center and register directly on the platform with a personal email, you will be responsible for that account and have full control over it. We remind you that to use it with students on your own, you must request the data access contract or data processing addendum provided for in personal data protection legislation.


If I have an issue with using the application, where should I go?

Firstly, inform ClassInTheBox by sending an email to privacy@classinthebox.com. If you are using an institutional email account, you should also contact your educational center and report the incident.


Where are the pintagged videos stored?

The videos and data are stored on our servers located in the European Union, which comply with the highest security standards and have been duly certified. We do not transfer data internationally to third countries that do not meet the requirements imposed by the GDPR.


Where can I find more information about your privacy policy and terms and conditions of use?

Access this link to review our Privacy Policy, the processing of your data, purposes, and legal bases we employ. We can also provide you with this information if you write to us at privacy@classinthebox.com. If you have any complaints or concerns about how we handle your data, you can communicate it to the Spanish Data Protection Agency on their website (https://www.aepd.es).


What happens if a user cancels their account or the center no longer wants to use the service?

When a user cancels their account or an educational center suspends the service, the user’s data and videos go through a process of blocking and deletion, following the criteria established by personal data protection legislation and our Privacy Policy.