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Annotate and underline your videos by using
pins and tags. Add digital resources and turn
them into transmedia videos.

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* For all plans, the videos uploaded may not exceed 1 Gb

What is pintagging?


Adding pins is like making marks on the video, pointing out key concepts or using them as an index, expanding the information by providing a url link...


Putting tags is like underlining a video. They are video segments (with beginning and end) with each of these parts focusing upon the most important ideas, causes, consequences, reasons, etc.

Examples of pintagging

What videos can be pintagged?

A class, or part of it

Whether face to face, online or hybrid, record your class or part of it and make it accessible asynchronously.

Video conferencing

A meeting, a webinar, the visit of an expert, a ‘mystery classroom’, a shared project with another class group.

Any video!

Record your own video tutorials, import any video from YouTube or upload directly from your computer.

Who can pintag?


Use pins and tags to provide information (presentations, documents, pdfs, etc), practice or assessment activities (interactive activities, games, quizzes, etc) and create resources that will develop the creativity and entrepreneurship of your students.

Link digital resources to the video itself, enable automatic pausing to focus the attention of the students. Use the video transmedia such as the guiding thread, reference material or as an inverted learning resource.


Empower your students to develop their creativity and skills of understanding and synthesis.

Take advantage of the potential of the tool and let your students pintag: to identify main ideas of the video, divide it in parts, locate specific information and enrich the video with materials and resources created by themselves.

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