Pintagging and transmedia video, a new concept in education

September 29, 2022

We present you citbREC, a new screencast, recording, importing and sharing concept which comes to revolutionize the use of video in education. Video is the “new text”, and as such, citbREC can enrich videos with its options of adding marks, highlighting links, text, audio, images, etc., through what we have called “pintagging”.

Pintagging is to put pins and tags in a video to identify and mark those parts that we want to focus upon. Using pins, we leave specific marks. With the tags, we directly highlight a section of the video (with beginning and end). All this in a very visual and interactive way.

But also, pintagging is to enrich a video, extending it, embellishing it with information and links to other digital content, thus creating a transmedia video. citbREC therefore becomes the ideal tool to combine, through a transmedia video, the digital resources available or created for the occasion, regardless of the format and the application used to create them and thus enriches the video, which becomes the context, the hub which connects the different digital resources by means of pins and tags distributed in its progress bar.

Do you want to see a painted video?

Discover its full potential in this example