One of the 100 best ideas of the year

June 10, 2021

ClassInTheBox at the forefront of Digital Transformation

Actualidad Económica, the economic supplement of the newspaper El Mundo, has recognised ClassInTheBox as one of the most innovative initiatives in the Digital Transformation sector.

The award was presented by Francisco Rosell and Martí Saballs to Pablo Márquez, founder of ClassInTheBox, on 28 May at a ceremony held at the Beatriz Hotel in Madrid.

The innovative solution that ClassInTheBox offers for the development of hybrid classes and videoconferences helps teachers and companies to overcome the difficulties derived from the pandemic, and opens a wide range of possibilities in future normal situations such as teleconferences, webinars, collaborative work in an online environment, etc…

Some of the companies awarded together with ClassInTheBox in this edition, such as Telepizza, Samsung, Microsoft, Linkedin or Amazon Web Services, show the important dimension of these awards.