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Lots of news in ClassInTheBox

Hello, once again from ClassInTheBox we want to let you know all our news, which in recent weeks have been many. We have not stopped! We have been fortunate to participate in MANY educational meetings and to be able to meet again with teachers and colleagues in different events with whom we have shared our educational revolution.

We have also demonstrated with HikVision that any interactive panel can become a videoconferencing system. And, as you may have seen on social networks, our Rec Mode arrives to transform education and allows you to record classes with the best audio, #pintaguear those videos (highlight and mark the milestones!), share them with your students instantly and, make integrations with EdPuzzle and Genially 😀 👍 😉.

In this webinar organized by our partners Nivel A, Eduardo Ruiz, ClassInTheBox pedagogical advisor, tells us about all the new features of Rec Mode and others that are about to arrive such as the remote microphone and the camera that follows you! 😲

In recent weeks the ClassInTheBox team has traveled many kilometers to continue adding to the education of the future with our #rEDvolution… 🚆.

We had the pleasure of traveling to Sanlucar to be present at the XII Educational Meeting EABE 2022. We were able to train the workshop participants, put into practice the public address and recording system and make the whole EABE ClassInTheBox community known.


  • We were also fortunate to be present at the EdTech Congress Barcelona thanks to our partners Grupo AE and HikVision who made us part of something very big.

  • May saw the long awaited reunion of our beloved GEG community in Spain. Their event Volvemos10x in Valencia marked the 10th anniversary and from ClassInTheBox we had the pleasure to support this event at the highest level. With our booth, our talks and presenting our new project HALO Education with HikVision, EdPuzzle, Genially and IMTLazarus, without a doubt, a dream come true and a new adventure that has just begun. We were also fortunate to have the support of Grupo AE’s team of trainers. A memorable and enriching weekend and a great GEG team that makes the impossible, possible!

Together with HikVision we were also at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, a unique opportunity to present ClassInTheBox among the most innovative digital solutions for education in the world.
From Barcelona we went to Tarragona to ForumEducaHigh, an intense and fruitful morning where we presented our innovations to universities and postgraduate centers of international prestige.
And, as a culmination, we participated in the Encuentro de Centros Innovadores de Pere Marques that took place in Seville. Our CEO Pablo Márquez presented in just 5 minutes (breaking record! 🚀 ) ALL that ClassInTheBox can do to transform education.

Finally, we can’t resist sharing this wonderful video that accompanies the makeover thanks to the talent of Marcus Carus. A reflection of the essence of ClassInTheBox in this incredible new stage.