Getting started guide

IMPORTANT: follow these steps in order to match the box and the ClassInTheBox microphone.

Charging the microphone

Always keep the microphone with a sufficient charge. The led in green color means "full load". The led in red color indicates "loading in progress".

Turn on the microphone

Once loaded, press the power button for 3 seconds. The led will now turn blue, and will start to flash slowly.

Connects to the computer

It is time to connect the enclosure to your computer with the USB cable. The blue led on the microphone will go from flashing to fixed. Box and micro have been paired.

Connects the camera

Now connect the web camera to the USB port on the front of. the box, and press the button. The red led on the box will be turned on next to the green.

Sound preferences

Open the sound Preferences of your Operating System, and verify that the audio input device is CITB.

Installs citbREC

Download and install our extension for the Google Chrome browser. Get ready to have access to a multitude of possibilities and improvements.

Log in

Now you can start your class online with your favorite platform (Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc...) Before starting the session, turn on the Extension citb.

Enrich your class

Active modes of use: - Change camera Mode, Show Mode, Classroom Mode, Duplo and the Duplo mini. Interact with your students with control and without limits.

Tape it and "pintag"

Activates the REC Mode and saves your class in the drive. Share it with your students, and "stresses" of your videos with "Pins" and "Tags". Improving as a teacher with ClassInTheBox.