Enriching videos, the power of the transmedia video

December 01, 2022

Kids and teenagers today have a different way of approaching reality than those of our generation, they are much more audiovisual than we were, hence the boom that platforms like YouTube and more recently TikTok or the Instagram stories have experienced in recent years. They consume videos as the main means of accessing culture and even knowledge. We know about the success of specific channels and youtubers who disseminate content and how schools around the world are using all this potential to take advantage of this harmony.

When we at ClassInTheBox realized the potential of recording classes that were already being broadcast with our device, a new world of possibilities opened up for us, since after realizing there were so many videos, produced by teachers, but also accessible on different platforms, we saw it was necessary to put order, curate them, label them, and above all enrich them, so that video consumption is not a passive consumption, but an active activity, which is in line with active methodologies, of active minds as we like call them.

This is where ClassInTheBox REC arises, a new concept in education which, taking advantage of the potential of video, allows teachers and students themselves, through the Students module, to annotate and enrich videos with pins and tags, which serve to explain, expand, summarize, to provide links to reference materials, interactive activities, illustrations, quizzes, etc. point out main ideas and secondary ideas, identify evidence to prove fake news, separate opinion from fact, a series of skills very much in the line of soft-skills.

At ClassInTheBox we have invented a new concept, that of transmedia video, that is, video enriched with digital resources in different formats, approaching the representation alternatives proposed by Universal Design for Learning. Favouring inclusion in our students, and attention to diversity since we can create activities according to the abilities of each one.

More and more schools are incorporating video into their classrooms, both for use in the classroom and asynchronously. It is clear that helping teachers by offering tools for working with videos is very satisfying for us. Highlighting and annotating videos, as we say, something that our tool allows us to do through the use of tags, is something that could not be done until now… there were no technological means for it, for this reason we are convinced that our product has a transforming nature of education, because it allows responding to the use of video in the classroom, something that was a necessity, in a way that motivates the active participation of students, who are no longer limited to watching, but also doing and reflecting about what you see and do.

Well, this is ClassInTheBox REC, a system to work with video and take it to the next level, groundbreaking, transformative and called to grow organically among all schools and teachers who know that video is the new text, the gateway to knowledge and the expansion of culture.