Small, powerful and easy to use

ClassInTheBox allows video conferencing with high quality image and sound, with total freedom of movement.

Small and handy

Easy to use

noise cancellation

Live record
and pintag

Endless possibilities for

Super teachers! Speakers Youtubers

Inclusive classes

Integrate face-to-face and online
students in the same class. Attend to diversity
by recording your classes and reinforce the contents.

Show everything you want!

Use any element you need
with high quality image and sound.
Use several cameras at the same time.

Wherever and whenever

Its small size, ease of use and advanced ambient noise
microphone, allow you to work where,
when and as much as you want.

Always perfect classes

Advanced ambient noise cancellation, high resolution image,
dynamism with camera switching, multiple microphones,
record without editing and achieve Impeccable Results.

Getting started guide

Get your citb-OPS

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A computer in OPS format that will make your interactive display have all the necessary resources to face all the modalities that may arise.
Record your classes, paint live video and enjoy lectures with all the possibilities of ClassInTheBox and its incredible ambient noise cancellation.

12th gen. Core I5-1235U processor with Vpro services support

8 o 16 GB de RAM versions

1x o 2x M2 2242 128GB storage versions

ClassInTheBox integrated + citbREC included

Built-in NFC reader

Buy your ClassInTheBox

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