Cultivating Essential Soft Skills through Interactive Learning with ClassInTheBox

Soft skills, often associated with the workplace, are becoming increasingly essential in the education of students who will be part of tomorrow’s workforce. These abilities, transferable across all roles and industries, are vital characteristics that promote personal growth and interpersonal success. Among the variety of tools available for developing these skills, ClassInTheBox stands out using the video format. This innovative tool transforms videos into interactive learning experiences, fostering these vital soft skills in an engaging way.

ClassInTheBox introduces the concept of ‘pintagging’, which involves adding pins and tags to a video. Pins highlight key concepts or expand on information, while tags underline important segments of the video, focusing on key ideas.

Teachers can utilize pintagging to provide information, create engaging activities, and stimulate student creativity. Simultaneously, students can use pintagging to identify main concepts, divide videos into parts, and enrich the video with their own materials and resources.

Through ClassInTheBox, several essential soft skills can be nurtured in an educational setting:

    • Critical Thinking: ClassInTheBox promotes critical thinking by encouraging students to identify main ideas and pinpoint specific information in a video, which requires deep understanding of the content.
    • Communication: The presentation of their pintagged videos at the end of assignments provides students with an opportunity to practice public speaking. The ability to communicate ideas effectively to an audience is a crucial skill in today’s society.
    • Creativity and Resourcefulness: Students are given the opportunity to create their own learning materials and resources, thereby fostering creativity and resourcefulness.
    • Teamwork: ClassInTheBox can be used collaboratively, promoting teamwork. Working together to pintag a video involves discussions, agreeing on key points, and collaboratively developing resources.
    • Problem-solving and Decision-making: The decision-making involved in placing a pin or a tag is a form of problem-solving, as students must figure out the best way to represent the video’s content.
    • Time Management: When working with assignments, especially in team settings, delivering results within a scheduled timeframe is crucial. Pintagging tasks provide practical experience in managing time effectively, as students coordinate their efforts to meet deadlines.
    • Adaptability and Openness to Criticism: Students can learn from feedback and adapt their methods as they share their pintagged videos, cultivating adaptability and a positive attitude towards constructive criticism.

ClassInTheBox is not just a tool for making videos interactive, but a powerful resource for nurturing essential soft skills within the education system. By incorporating this tool into the classroom, educators can effectively prepare their students for future success, both academically and personally.