ClassInTheBox’s #citbREC extension, now in Chrome Web Store

August 23, 2022

Through the #citbREC extension, you can record a video conference, a video tutorial, a class or part of it.

ClassInTheBox allows you, through the #citbREC extension, to broadcast and/or record a videoconference, a videotutorial, a class or part of it, as if it were a small television studio, in a really simple way. Thanks to the multiple camera options, subtle fade to black, background noise cancellation, voice commands, etc. ClassInTheBox offers you the new video recording and capturing system for those who need more and are more demanding.

Underline and enrich your videos with our “pintagueo” by marking them with pins and tags to pinpoint exact points or segments during the duration of the video through the extension, both live and in edit mode, and add information, links, images, audios, activities, etc., to turn them into transmedia videos.

Record a class, webinar, meeting or video tutorial, import a video directly from YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch and point out the key parts, ideas or main points or annotations for the different departments or teams or simply to annotate in the videos everything we find interesting. Use the pins and tags as an index of contents, to mark new vocabulary or new concepts of the didactic unit or as a repository of the materials mentioned in the video or necessary to work and deepen its content.

The time has come to literally highlight the videos, a new concept, the transmedia video, which will allow you to make the video a working tool enriched with your own or third party resources. Take advantage of its full potential and empower your students so that they themselves can take video to the next level.