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Artificial Intelligence Pintagging with AI Safe environment Controlled environment

The new assistant Böxie opens up new possibilities for students and teachers. When activated by the teacher, their students will be able to ask questions directly to the video in a safe and controlled environment, in order to better understand the content and be able to annotate it according to the task instructions. With Böxie, teachers can also create self-assessment tasks. Students will need to mark their answers to the provided questions within the video, and their responses will be automatically self-evaluated, providing them with their scores. For teachers, Böxie will help them automatically organize all the videos in the gallery using AI, enabling them to find anything, even if it is mentioned in the audio of a video.

Böxie Safe Assistant

AI-created video comprehension assistant, based on a chat format,
in a closed and safe environment for students.

Automatically assessed tasks

Tasks automatically generated where students will have to search and mark the answers
to comprehension questions
in the video generated by Böxie, who will also assess their responses.

Böxie plans

Böxie has 4 plans depending on the number of new tasks generated per year (multiple uses), that you need to assist with our Artificial Intelligence.

20 tasks / year

Böxie Safe Assisstant
Automatically assessed task

50 tasks / year

Böxie Safe Assisstant
Automatically assessed task

100 tasks / year

Böxie Safe Assisstant
Automatically assessed task

Unlimited tasks

Böxie Safe Assisstant
Automatically assessed task

Böxie Search

Powerful AI-based search engine that provides results
by reading and listening through hundreds of videos in fractions of a second.