BETT London 2022

Educational Talks on Hybrid Learning

Just two years and a week ago, few of us suspected that words like synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, concurrent, blended, etc… were going to be part of our vocabulary as daily as they are now. Few dared with videoconferences and these, for the vast majority of educators, were limited to the family environment. But the pandemic was just around the corner, and if it has shaken the world from head to toe, it has also changed the world of education forever.

Hybrid learning, which of course existed before, although very limited to the university and vocational scope, has taken a big boost and more than it will in the coming years. The walls of the school have been definitively broken so that the outside world, the real world, permeates the classrooms where children and youngsters are preparing to be the citizens of tomorrow.

From ClassInTheBox we intend to rEDvolutionize education by helping it move forward, that’s why we want to be synonymous with hybrid and online teaching and learning. With this in mind, we have prepared a programme of educational talks with great speakers which will take place face2face at our SK37 stand at the Bett in London (from March 23 to 25) and which will be broadcast live through our ClassInTheBox device and at the same time recorded with our new CITB Rec extension.

From Universal Design for Learning and instructional design to evaluation and feedback, through tips to consider for memorable hybrid classes and how to use voice to superpower learning, our speakers will address very current issues in hybrid learning, where the promotion of STEM subjects for girls, and the great debate on the use of the camera will also be protagonists.

During the days of the BETT we will publish on our social networks the links to access the talks, which, as we say, will also be recorded so that you can see them, whenever you want and as many times as you want. We invite you to participate and join us in the #rEDvolution.