6 Christmas Ideas for Using ClassInTheBox ‘Pintagged’ Videos

December 01, 2023

We’re already in December, and even though many of you squeeze the curriculum until the last day, even with exams to keep the students busy, the truth is that small Christmas projects (or Learning Situations, if you prefer) can serve to address curricular and/or cross-curricular themes using the Christmas theme, which usually motivates children and helps us contextualize what we want to work on.

Don’t tell me it wouldn’t make sense to have a project on how to package Christmas chocolates for the holiday campaign, addressing issues such as the least common multiple, weight, measurements, etc., discussing Christmas truces in wartime conflicts, a Christmas Carol through reinterpretations in television commercials, and if you think about it, even the formation of snowflakes in relation to crystallization due to low temperatures can be approached from the perspectives of physics and chemistry with the support of artistic education… well, it’s all about  finding topics of interest that connect the objectives and curricular contents to our students’ reality…

If we combine all this thematic work with ClassInTheBox‘s pintagged videos to work on the video format, considering that students love the video format, we can come up with very interesting things. Here are 6 ideas that could inspire, aiming to develop situations that connect with students’ reality in a Christmas-themed environment, starting from the pedagogical objective we set.

🎅  Use pins (or tags) for students to annotate their ideas, doubts, suggestions, etc., in a video presentation of the topic. There are many ways to take notes; annotating with pins and tags in a video is a good way to practice note-taking, with the advantage that they remain exactly at the moment of the video they refer to.

🎄 Watching documentaries or explanatory videos related to Christmas can be a great way to encourage proactive video viewing. For example, ask them to reference the mentioned places with links to Google Maps or Google Earth (now consuming fewer resources and easier to work in the classroom). Teach them how to hide the URL (which is usually long) under a word or phrase.

🎁 Work on values and emotions through television commercials. Although they are commercials that always try to sell us something (and we can make our students aware of this too), we can take advantage of the message they want to convey. The theme of culture, traditions, respect for multiculturalism, etc., can also be explored.

🎶 Christmas carols, holiday songs, etc… Mariah Carey’s song isn’t playing much this year, right? Or is it too early… But have you thought about how the typical ‘Fill in the gaps’ exercise could be replaced by a pintagged video where students complete the missing words? Each verse could be in a tag, so students can go back to the verse and listen to it as many times as necessary.

☃️ How’s gamification going? Surely you can convert some project you have into a playlist of chained doodled videos with a digital lock placed on the last pin of the video, and when opened, it gives you the link to the next video… How is it done? There are tools like EduEscapeRoom that offer a digital lock generator, but even a Google Form with validation in the last question would work, or a lock made in Genially. More laborious? It could be, yes… but what if we turn it around and have older students prepare these activities for other class groups?

🌟 Recently, they proposed on Twitter (okay… in X) an Escape Room through QR codes in the different pins or tags of the video… If we think about it, the idea of QR codes can give us a lot, and create super fun dynamics for this time of year.

In short, we could spend hours and hours giving ideas for using pintagged videos with a Christmas theme. ClassInTheBox allows great versatility in working with the video format, creating highly enriching interactive experiences to bring videos to life and make them the driving force that brings spark and fun to activities with our students.