Your videoconferencing

to the next level

class in the box device

ClassInTheBox is a unique device that integrates in a small and portable box a wireless microphone with a range of 20 meters and a high performance webcam that changes in a simple way the way we understand video conferencing. With a single cable, the device is connected to the computer and it is possible to get up from the chair, change the volume without approaching the computer, change the camera with a single click and prevent ambient noise from distracting all those who are online. With its different modes of use you can adapt it to your needs, from using only the microphone, the dynamism of the camera switch, include the voice of the online participants in the class, make the voice of everyone, including the teacher, go out through the audio system of the classroom or keep all chats in private. Multiple features for a great little device, made in Spain and patented.

Technical parts and dimensions

Show mode

Have your voice amplified by a loudspeaker system:

• Easy conference system.

• Portable, no installation required.

• Hygienic, use your own system always.

Classroom mode (in development)

Establish communication between online and face-to-face. Whenever the teacher wishes, can switch from the citb microphone to the computer’s, by simply clicking on the application. In this way, on-site students can communicate with remote students.

• Listen to everyone online, as if they were in the classroom.

• Two-way communication.

• Deactivate the silence effect with a button.

• Everyone will be able to talk to each other.

Private mode

Keep your conversations intimate.

• Connect your headset

REC mode* (in development)

Record all your lessons with perfect audio and multi-camera editing from ClassInTheBox.
Upload them to the cloud and share them with your students so they always have them available.

• Asynchronous learning.

• Select important moments and share instantly.