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class in the box device

In our small device you will find a world of possibilities for your conferences, classes and meetings. Inside the CITB box you will find, apart from the connection box, a wireless microphone with 20 meters range of high quality and above all with a significant reduction of background noise and a high performance webcam (2k / 4k) to enrich all your meetings and with which you can change the point of view if you have to explain something from another place like a whiteboard or a panel. 

Quickly and easily connect CITB to your computer and enjoy a classroom with freedom of movement or switch cameras with a single click, and prevent ambient noise from distracting everyone online. 

Squeeze in different modes of use depending on your needs, you can include the voice of remote participants, include the voice over the classroom audio system, or keep all chats private. Multiple features for a great little device, made in Spain and patented. 

Technical parts and dimensions

Show mode

One of the possibilities offered by CITB is to take advantage of the speaker system you have in the classroom or in the room where you are in this way you can project your voice through the speakers of the room and you can be heard louder.  

Thanks to this mode, you don’t need to carry a boom microphone; with ClassInTheBox, press the green button on the Chrome extension, and make your voice sound through the classroom speakers.

Classroom mode

Thanks to this mode you can establish the best communication between the classroom and the online part. In this case the teacher is the one who has the control to activate it and to switch from the CITB microphone to the microphone of his computer with a simple click what is achieved is a communication between face-to-face students with those who are remotely.   

Thanks to this bidirectional communication, we achieve that a hybrid class becomes practically a face-to-face one among all the attendees, since all of them will be able to talk to each other.

Duplo Mode

When you connect 2 webcams to ClassInTheBox you can switch between them using the Camera Switching function. This way, and thanks to the elegant fade in and fade out, your video conference will look spectacular. We have gone one step further. By activating Duplo Mode you can show both cameras simultaneously in split-screen mode. Your audience will be able to see you explaining any subject matter instead of just hearing you.

Duplo Mini

But if that’s not enough, with the Duplo Mini mode you can show both cameras, prioritizing the CITB Cam by giving it a larger size. Your frontal shot will remain at “mini” size to be out of the way.

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