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Screencast or import your videos with citbREC, the tool to pintag
and create transmedia videos.

A revolutionary tool

for recording and content creation


Modes of use: the ideal complement

Camera switching Show Mode Classroom Mode Duplo and Duplo mini

Camera switching

Switches from displaying the image from your device’s front camera to the citb cam.

Show Mode

Amplify your voice through the classroom speaker system.

Classroom Mode

Select an external microphone for face-to-face and online students to communicate.


Displays the image of the two equal cameras in split screen.

Duplo mini

Gives priority to your citb cam, causing it to be displayed at a larger size.

This is great: voice commands!!!

We have been able to use Artificial Intelligence to activate the modes of use by voice commands (both in English and Spanish). You don’t have to be in front of the computer to activate them. Switch from one mode to the other with spoken commands, and let your students go crazy!

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citbREC plans for those who pintag a lot

If you have a citb device, during the first year you have the Pintagger Plan for free.
* Pintagger Plan 1 year free promotion valid until 08/23/2023

*In all plans, uploaded videos will not exceed 1 Gb size.